1 day camps = $120, 2 Day camps = $240

To register for College Soccer ID camps, click this link: APPLY FOR D1/D2 ID CAMP

Please note: Registration is only secured by receipt of payment
These camps are available to 8th-12th graders interested in NCAA D1 & D2 soccer programs.

Our camp curriculum includes 4 stations:
* 1 x scrimmage station for tactical instruction from the college coaches 
2 x Technical training stations from the college coaches (this includes a shooting station)
NB. Goalkeepers are coached by a College Goalkeeper coach & 'keepers stay at the shooting & scrimmage stations.
1 x NCAA recruiting seminar on how & what to communicate with college coaches + sport psychology tips
If attending the 2 day camp, the second day classroom will focus on Sport Psych tips for soccer and video analysis

*During the winter high school season our scrimmages are 5-a-side to abide by high school rules

To register for the camp click the link: Register for D1&D2 College Soccer Recruiting Camp

If you have questions, email: d1d2camp@collegesocceracademy.com
or call: 925-895 7502

Discounted camp rates we provide;

1. If 7-10 players from the same TEAM attend together each will receive a 10% discount (please call or email us for payment details)
d1d2camp@collegesocceracademy.com      or      925-895 7502

2. If 11-15 players from the same TEAM attend together each will receive a 15% discount (please call or email us for payment details)
d1d2camp@collegesocceracademy.com     or        925-895 7502

3. If 16-24 or more players from the same CLUB attend together each will receive a 20% discount.  Please email us for details: d1d2camp@collegesocceracademy.com      or       925-895 7502

4. If 25 or more players from the same CLUB attend together each will receive a 25% discount.  Please email or call us for details:
d1d2camp@collegesocceracademy.com      or         925-895 7502

4. If 3 children from the same family attend our camp they each will receive a 10% discount (please call or email us regarding payment for this option)
NB. Retrospective discounts based on the above cannot be refunded.  Also, the 3 children must share the same last name.

In the unlikely event that you would need to cancel your reservation, here is our refund policy: Refund requests received more than 30 days prior to the commencement of the camp will receive 100% refund. All refund requests received 30 days or less before the start of camp will be assessed a $40 administrative/cancellation fee for a 1 Day camp, and double this amount for a 2 Day camp.  Please note that if the refund request is received less than 72 hours before commencement of the camp then the administrative/cancellation fee is doubled.   If there are last minute changes to the college coaching line-up, we will endeavor to replace them with D1 and/or D2 coaches.  You may contact us to inquire about the number of college coaches that will be in attendance.  If the number of participants is low, we reserve the right to reduce the number of college coaches accordingly.