Camp Format

Our camps are 4 hours in duration and have the following format:

Field players and Goalkeepers are evaluated in 3 field stations and have one
classroom station:

 - Playing Station:  
Players are set up in games from 5v5 to 11v11 and allowed to free play with
guidance from the coaches.  This allows the coaches the ability to evaluate the
players in an open playing environment.

- Coaches Choice Station:
College Coaches are given the freedom to execute any session they choose

- Final Third/Finishing Station:
Coaches devise a session to goal which involved the Goalkeepers - Classroom Station: Players are given a presentation on NCAA recruiting rules pertaining to the recruiting process as well as how to market yourself to schools of interest. We also discuss what college coaches are looking for and how to handle the admissions process. *The classroom station is open to the parents during any time slot.
Weather - ID Camps will go ahead in inclement weather unless there is a concern for safety. 

High School Soccer
- During the High School Season our scrimmages abide by High School rules